JumpStart is an effective one-week, intensive, outpatient, sexual addiction recovery program.

The Purpose
Assist those who struggle with compulsive sexual acting-out behaviors, initiate sobriety, and begin the journey towards healthy sexuality.

Why does “JumpStart” take this approach?
For many, the traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy or group approach just isn’t sufficient. To overcome deeply habituated practices, specialized therapeutic strategies are needed. While a one week intensive program is not a cure in itself, it does quickly establish specific foundational elements shown to be effective for the long journey of recovery.

What are these foundational elements?

  • Breaking through denial; learning to see reality.
  • Understanding the neurobiology of addiction, or, being able to answer the question “why am I powerless to stop?”
  • Understanding individual vulnerabilities and relapse scenarios.
  • Establishing an effective, initial, relapse prevention plan for long-term recovery.
  • Understanding the role of faith and prayer in the destruction of strongholds.

How is this accomplished?
“JumpStart” uses a modular, task-centered approach to help you accomplish your goals, which are personalized for you after an initial interview and the completion of several assessments. The assessment tools are state of the art, developed by the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) lead by Dr. Patrick Carnes.

During “JumpStart”, you will attend two extended sessions per day and be assigned appropriate homework/projects to be completed between sessions.  Yes, this is intense.  It’s meant to be. The goal is to help you recapture your mind and will, and start a process whereby you can be set free.

Who will benefit from “JumpStart”?

  • Men who are unable to stop sexually compulsive behaviors.
  • Men who are compromising their family life, and perhaps even their professional life, by their acting-out behaviors.
  • Men who are unable to stop viewing pornographic materials/websites.
  • Men caught in the web of lies and shame because of their inappropriate sexual activities.
  • Men who know they need in-depth treatment, but can’t afford the time away from work and the high cost of residential inpatient treatment.

What about spouse/partners?
Spouses and partners can have a profound positive influence on recovery, and they are encouraged to participate in the intake interview. During that time, they will be made aware of resources geared specifically to their needs. Additional individual sessions can also be arranged.

What happens after “JumpStart”?
“JumpStart” is just that – a start. At its completion, there remains much more to do. You will leave with an understanding and treatment plan of how to succeed. You who continue with me will immediately begin a four month secondary phase with weekly therapy and an expectation that you will attend an approved weekly sexual addiction-focused group.

If you choose to continue with the therapist who referred you to “JumpStart”, you will have a treatment plan to facilitate your on-going work.  I am happy to collaborate with other therapists.

As “JumpStart” is personalized, one-on-one therapy, you receive undivided attention throughout the week. The total cost for this treatment program—the initial interview, assessments, materials, and the five days of two-per-day extended sessions—is $1,500, which includes a $500 non-refundable deposit. This fee can be paid by cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The balance is due prior to the last day of “JumpStart”.

How do you get started?
Contact me to schedule your initial interview, or to answer any questions you may have.  It’s a big step, a healthy step, and one you’ll be glad you chose.