A New Adventure

Welcome to an unfolding adventure. A new kind of adventure for me – the birth of a blog.  In the past blogs have always been destinations I go to; places to glean viewpoints, absorb opinions, gather information, or just enjoy another’s creativity. My hope is that in time you’ll say the same about your experience here.

But where to start.  Here I sit staring at the screen and I’m finding this isn’t as easy as I thought. How does one actually start a blog, or, perhaps, more accurately, what does one write the very first time? My mind is a kaleidoscope of  ideas…. and  some fears: am I up to the challenge of keeping this going once started, will my interests be of interest to you, will it bring you back?

Friends and family have encouraged me to write and I do enjoy the creative exercise. It helps me crystallize my thinking, and as you comment we’ll have an opportunity to exchange viewpoints – maybe change some in the process.

Naturally I have a few key areas of interest. I’m a Christian counselor. The fact that I’m a Christian is central as all I do is built upon that worldview, but don’t let that scare you away; Christianity, contrary to the way it is portrayed on TV and such, can be an all-encompassing positive influence on life.

While I counsel couples and individuals in various areas I do specialize in sexual addiction. I never planned on that being a specialty – and, in some ways, I wish it weren’t necessary to have such a specialty – but it’s having such a devastating impact on so many lives that it can’t be ignored. And during the days of my youth I had my own struggles in this area.

Occasionally I may just muse about things that are on my heart on any given day.  Maybe add some photos and cater to a latent photojournalistic urge.

The only definite is the starting date – the day I push the “publish” button for the very first time. Here goes….


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