Chuck Verro, LMHC, CSAT

Chuck Verro, LMHC, CSAT

Welcome to my website. A site to help you understand and heal your past and present so you can have a more fulfilling and joy-filled future.

This page provides a thumb-nail sketch of the main areas of expertise that define my private practice. Please peruse the information.  I believe you’ll find what you need to make that important decision to begin the journey towards a more fulfilling and sustainable life experience for you.

My counseling is based on a Christian worldview. That is the way I live and organize my personal life and so it is with my professional life. My faith is my default. You can read more about this on the A Few Words About Me page. At the same time I do not, nor will I ever, impose my beliefs on anyone and often counsel with those of other faiths and belief systems.

I have counseled with individuals since 1985.  I’ve seen men and women make significant changes in their understanding of themselves and then enact appropriate lifestyle changes leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Whether it’s pre-engagement, premarital or marriage counseling, I particularly enjoy working with couples. God’s design for couples is that they work towards a spiritual unity – which is also a practical one.  Whether that means learning how to communicate better, resolve conflict, grow deeper together or just appreciate life’s journey, I can help you.

In our highly sexualized society, many people find they have become ensnared in compulsive sexual acting-out behaviors. I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and can help you gain freedom over unhealthy pornography use, chronic affairs, and other risky and dangerous behaviors—behaviors which impair normal daily living for you and negatively impact those close to you. Click here to learn more about sexual addiction therapy.

Chuck used Godly wisdom and wise counsel to guide me back through my childhood to help me recognize when, where and how I was caught-up with sexual addiction. Often I had referred to myself as “an orphan son of missionary parents,” not fully aware of how that situation impacted my life. Today, I am no longer a slave to my addiction and I have tools to turn temptation into victory. Thanks Chuck! –JA

JumpStart is an effective one-week, intensive, outpatient, sexual addiction recovery program. For many, the traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy or group approach just isn’t sufficient. To overcome deeply habituated practices, specialized therapeutic strategies are needed. While a one week intensive program is not a cure in itself, it does quickly establish specific foundational elements shown to be effective for the long journey of recovery. Click here for details.